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Ogho arrived home just in time to see two Range Rover Sports exiting their compound. She was bewildered, wondering how and why such luxurious cars were leaving her compound, and whoever the people were, what they came for. Edewor was breaking firewood near the kitchen, he turned to look at her, she faced him waiting for him to say something, but he just resumed his wood breaking. She frowned, that was odd, Dewor always filled her in with the latest gist, this time that he wasn’t saying anything, she didn’t know what to think.


Her parents were sitting and discussing in the living room when she walked in, they both hushed up when they noticed her presence. Her mother was smiling like someone who had been given and international visa to the United States. Her father on the other hand just stared at her, she walked in further. “Come child, have a seat. Your mother and I have something to discuss with you.” Ogho’s father said, her frown deepened, she had an eerie feeling about this discussion. Her mother’s smile was even more bothering than whatever her father had to say. “You weren’t home when our visitors came.” He started, “Eh, you were not home, oh you could have seen this f—, “Woman, please be quiet and let me finish!” he said sharply to Ogho’s mother who frowned a little then rolled her eyes.


Akpenvwe cleared his throat and faced his daughter. “Oghonoro.” He called, “Papa?” she answered, he didn’t always address her by her full name, except it was something serious. “You are my first child, and I see that you love to explore. You have your father’s spirit!” he praised, she smiled a little. “Ogho, you are my only daughter, and you have always dreamt of being a lawyer, and I must say I am proud of you. But you see, we are poor and I didn’t even go to the university, that’s why I’m not so educated. If not, I would have become an engineer. But I want you to finish your schooling and become that lawyer you’ve always desired to be.” He said, Erhi her mother nodded in agreement.


“Those people who came are from the city, Lagos. Yes, they are from this community. The Ejomafuvwe’s, their son Patrick is not in Nigeria currently, he is young like you, he should be around his early twenties thereabout.”, “What does that have to do with me?” Ogho asked, the sound of ‘son’ in the topic of education was quite hard to relate. “Hmm, be quiet and listen to your father!” her mother snapped, she frowned. “Well, it has something to do with you, because his family has chosen to further your education to the university level, and even help you acquire a job.” Her father said.


“Why have they chosen to help me? They do not know me? And how does this relate to their son?” Ogho questioned, hoping not to hear what her mind was insinuating. “You will marry their son! Ah! Just tell her the whole thing, end of story!” her mother said eagerly and walked out, probably to check on what she was cooking. “Eh? Papa? What is mama saying? Who am I marrying?” Ogho asked, she didn’t know what to feel at the moment. “You have been betrothed to their son, he will be your husband, and th— Ogho’s scream interrupted him.


“GOD FORBIB! Papa, what are you telling me? How will you use education as a cover to sell me off to early marriage? To someone I don’t even know? This is not the old generation papa I am not marrying anyone. When I am old enough, I will get married to the man of my dreams, not now!” Ogho said, raising her voice in annoyance. Her mother rushed in, “You, silly girl, can’t you see that this will bring us out of our suffering? Eh? Can’t you see the opportunity in this? They will further your education, they will take you to the city and take good care of you, then when the time is right you will commence full marriage with their son!” her mother yelled at her. “Never! I will rather die in this village than be tied down to some stupid contract you people have made with strangers over my head, it’s won’t happen. Fia! Never!” Ogho said angrily, this provoked her father and he slapped her.


“Foolish girl, you don’t have any say in this. It has been settled and it final. Whether you agree to it or not, you have been given to that young man and he is your husband! Stop all this foolish behavior, his parents will be back in a week’s time to take you. Get prepared.” Her father said and angrily walked out. Ogho sat on the floor crying helplessly.


Ese arrived home and met visitors. Her mother frowned at her presence and went to drag her into the living room, there was no time to dress her up properly. “Where have you been? Come and sit quietly!” her mother said. Ese quietly sat down after greeting the visitors who were smiling widely at her, “She is the one.” Her father said as he discussed with one of the elderly man, and there was another one, quite younger than the rest. He should have been around his mid or late thirties from Ese’s guess. She observed that they brought some gift with them. “What is happening?” she thought to herself. She watched as her father collected an envelope that was fat, “What could be inside it?” she thought, the younger man smiled at her, showing off his brownish teeth, Ese’s stomach churned in disgust.


“My daughter, stand up, come and greet our in-laws and your husband, Anaborhi.” Her father called her saying. At that moment, it felt like she had been struck by lighten. She couldn’t move, nor speak and everything went pitch black.

This is only Fiction.


Watch out for Episode Two (2)

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