Retirement Of A Legend CDRE ID Nurudeen (rtd) By Asiwaju Abiodun Abdul'azeez


 Retirement Of A Legend 


In the beginning of a start in the academic window of Cdre Nurudeen (rtd), it seemed one wouldn't survive in the tides of his intellectual chandeliers. It was years back when he was appointed as the Nigerian Navy College Of Health Sciences Commandant, having enrolled under him as an undergraduate student. Everyone would accept him as a father because there was no choice as his appearance was always purposed; hardly would he laugh, not knowing it was a mechanism to prepare his students for the blind future rich in sterile optimism.

In the long run, many fell in love in his humour and commitment to the success of growing wings, bringing pains actually; but with fruitful shadows ahead of  their rumple tomorrows. Together, skillful instructors and obeying students under his command got acquainted to his disciplinary demands, increment in academic tempo; which he was to lieu every student with credible welfares, hence, ignited students' ability to hit the sky of learning. Soon after his coming, the college wore a new garment— silence during preparatory hours, students squeezing their brains to climb the hill of his demands academically. I personally jumped right to be a creative leader and writer— related tasks of a growing man with bountiful desires.

After many months, it was believed students were truly blessed with a beautiful light in the corridor of defaults, students kept struggling under his command to meet with the disciplinary tracks— he welcomed no iota of ill-mannered behaviours. Though, prior to his appointment as the Commandant, his precedents have tried to put the college in the frame of the world, which these effects were brought to the reflection of a half-naked, and some were pending.

Cdre Nurudeen is blessed with the skills of achieving incredible tasks as regards lifting people's wrists, and for the number of years I've chosen him as a glittering figure, he had administered to my needs, also some fellas— in as much you're a rule keeping person, nevertheless, you must be compassionate about knowledge that will nourish the society at large. Often time under him as the Commandant, he compassionately listened as students and instructors poured out their acrid of inconvenience— treating all issues without leisure.

In the year I graduated as a pharmacy technician, there was a new cloud in the college bringing us to a corridor where every student smiled wholeheartedly, why?— accreditation was gotten for many courses on campus which was then a major setback in the structure of the college. One could always imagine how many heads this legend had repaired, he built the best confidence with his sweat and greedlessnes— to make the poor man's son to be a classic medical practitioner, even outside the military years. The school then broke the yolk of a record having won the best College Of Health Sciences across the country due to the outcome of her student performances in different Council examinations that year. 

Bringing my readers home, he was a sheriff who discomforted every student with learnings, not limited to class lectures but with the weapon handling exercise, even with parade drills on daily basis— it's a sustenance. The accumulation of years with him was productive to students; for all worked under his academic canopy were brain boxes with an academic honour or more. 

That year, I left the college with a first class honour with a final speech which was moulded with lines of appreciations to him and his principal staff officers, he listened to his sprouted product with personal achievements of leadership skills, also the arrow head of the College who framed and reframed the affairs of students.

As time went by, he left as the Commandant to another office where he delivered his roles as a man of growth which sesquetered him becoming the Ag. Director Of Medical Services at the Naval Headquarters, perhaps due to his  past prints as a man of growth which was to flow in the tides of the vision of the Chief Of The Naval Staff. He was able to resurrect many fallen bricks and some were reframed, he uptritrated the beauty of the medical practice during this period, and, certainly many beautiful lives await him.

In all, Cdre Nurudeen (rtd) is a vibrant man who has built many humanly infrastructures to repair the intense and persistent of feelings of stigmatisation, despair and loss of interest in a chosen career of Navy medic. Hence, his name should continue to enjoy the golden ink before the aiming sights of the entire world.

Copyright Asiwaju Abiodun Abdul'azeez

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  1. I was one of the beneficiary of this well respected senior officer, as today I have my HND dental therapy, after enlisted into the navy with SSCE. May God continue to bless u sir.

  2. I can't resist myself from showing my profound gratitude to our amiable medical core commander. With his kind efforts and struggles make us the men or women we are proud of! He sewed the rags together, sewing every piece with love, he made our coats of many colors that we're putting on today!

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