The Relationship Between Poverty And Mental Health By Goto Emmanuel



The existence of humanity is mentally structured as privation, starvation, stagnation; limitations affect humans’ mental health. A discourse that borders on destitution without citing the health implications is incomplete. Cause, poverty issues affect the mind which can restructure patterns of man's reasoning. However, it's worthy to note that, prevailing plights are caused by scarcity which is directly and indirectly negating the mental health.


Due to this, the writer will buttress more of poverty, mental health, relationship existing between them and significant features.


The state of living without sufficient demands creates discomfort. Poverty is the state of living unbearable lack, which eventually damages the reasoning sense and transmogrify to mental imbalance. While mental health concerns human emotions, psychology, reasoning and social well being. It affects how human being cogitate, talk, preach, plan, feel, react and act in order to cope with life conditions. Mental health also determines how we relate with people, handle issues around, resolve disputes, surmount stress and overcome unforeseen burdens of life.


Therefore, when someone is living in needs, the mental health will also be perturbed. If poverty can prevail, mind structure will be negated. Invariably, poverty causes mental sickness which disturbs the mind to dance the tone of madness. Questions would arise, what is the relationship between poverty and mental health? Why mental health in the discourse of poverty? Continue reading, the relationship will be clearer as the clarification proceeds delving on penury and mental disease.


The ability to think while living in scarcity is an obvious feature. The state of living in lack affects human mind more than the physical. Don't doubt the writer, psychologists can attest to that - mental sickness is mostly caused by poor state of living. Whenever a poor person ruminates wide on how to surmount their conditions, such action will negatively destroy mental state. Therefore, living in the state of needy can cause illness to the mind which shows the relationship. Generally, most poor men think, act, react, talk, associate strangely simply because, their health is affected mentally.


More so, unhealthy state of living is another associated element. People that are battling with privation do not care about their good health; they eat anything edible in order to satisfy their stomach. There is a wide relationship between poverty and mental health in the negative - especially when it affects the brain. Poor people bath with dirty water, brush their teeth irregularly, clean their abodes untidily, visit friends once in moonlight they don't go for exercise and starve always.


Hence, restraining people from activating right thinking mood by ignoring to perform daily routine. Poverty has strangled people, which occur as a result of mental health. When the health is affected, the manner of approach will not be genuine.


Moreover, the level of exposure will be restrained. A poor man cannot easily espouse to society because the mind is full with conditions. When a poor man mental health is affected, exposing to the society will be herculean task and such person will be useless in the society without contributing tangible concept of life.


Have you asked questions like, why do mad people prefer shattered abode? Is there any difference between the abode of stinkingly poor man and mad man hut? Are they meant to dwell in shattered huts? This is a salient feature in the discourse of poverty and mental health. When a poor man mental health is affected, he reacts, eats, dances, relates, talks, and exposes like the mad man.


Most people are suffering because of scarcity and have activated the wrong mindset. Accepting menace by fate without activating with positive mentality.


The manner of reacting to issues is another relationship between poverty and mental health. People suffering react strangely - even their expression of joy is liken to the barking dog in the river.


However, research has shown that, living in needs is a condition that affects the mind. Therefore, poverty and mental health are related in multifaceted manners. If one is living in penury, the mental health will be affected and if disturbed, it can lead to unbearable damage.


The writer therefore urges everyone living in wants to strive to activate positive reasoning. Poverty does not always mean such persons should yield to negative concept which can affect the mental state of health. The mind is power, so let use the mind positively even in the midst of want so that our mental orientation will not be drained.


  1. I think the writer has made a very good point. But poverty and mental health is a state of mindset, upbringing, environment and exposure. There are people who are rich and wealthy financially and materially but very poor in their mind. Mental health is a state of having a sound, good, moral, positive and pure mind which boils down to the person's thoughts amd actions. It means therefore that when a person is in a good mental health condition the rest will be a good moral life. Suffice to say that most of the times, poverty as the Holy Writ says is due to the way a person thinks, "for as he thinketh in his heart so his he". In other words, you're poor if you think you're poor. Hence, people shouldn't think they're poor because they don't have money, if you have other things you should be grateful and happy. Living in mental health can it be possible in this world if one does not have a close relationship with God because the word of God says that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of faith, love and SOUND MIND. Apostle Paul in one of his episle writes, brethren I wish above all things that ye prosper even as thy soul prospereth.
    A person who prospers in his soul is he who enjoys a sound mental health inspire of lack and want because human needs are insatiable.

  2. Thanks for your contribution.

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