Five Ways To Mitigate Depression by Goto Emmanuel



We are aware that death is inevitable, but we shouldn't draw the attention of death because of odds we are passing through. We know that death comes unaware to snatch, but it does not mean we opt to terminate life. We are aware that pains of life can strain and drain mental stage.

We all know that depression is real. We are aware that life is full of unfortunate events, but how do you know that life after death will be peaceful? Though, when life stigmatizes, it will be hard to opt for right decision. When you're smeared with some confronting issues, right thinking ability would be blank. These are some ugly theories of life - which can result the option to termination of life.

Why the unceasing rate of suicide upon campaigns against suicide in our society? We cannot blame the Pastors on this because they've been strongly preaching against suicidal acts. They always lay emphasis about Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus. The media are particular about the causes of suicide in the society - always inviting guests to address the public as to escape depressive lifestyle.

The writers are still propagating against suicide on daily basis, just to end the ugly news. They've tried within their range to curb suicide rate, but it seems the number of cases are increasing. Also, the medical team is not exempted by working to encourage people that are facing psychological and physiological problems.

As a writer, I've come again with my pen to preach against suicide in the society. We know that unfortunate issues are unavoidable - but there are some unfortunate issues that can be overcome if we can control our minds and activate to positive thinking realm. It's not easy to activate to such mood whenever one is depressed, but with the aid of motivational words, we can surmount.

Dear reader, you can pass this piece to someone you know that's easily frustrated due to ugly activities of life. You can let them know that suicide is not the option. Yes, we know that depression can result to any perilous event.

Whenever you think of taking your life, think of your tomorrow first. If you can think of your tomorrow, try to envisage your future - there is no reward in committing suicide.

Try to criticize the reasons why you want to take your life. Is it suffering? Is it false accusation that you're facing? Is it bereavement? Loneliness? Divorce? Failure? Stagnation? Just mention them and i will tell you that most successful people have passed through these processes. Do you know the secret why they're regarded as successful people? They didn't officiate in suicide mission. Just think about the reason why you're opting for suicide.

We should know that life is full of mysteries and miseries. Why can't you wait till the next edition of life? Do you mean such plight would not be solved? Do you know that you can also overcome it?

Due to this, I will be sharing some certain things to do whenever feel depressed. Motivate yourself, share your worries with close ones, participate on things you like to do, try to control yourself and pray for God to always intervene. The writer will briefly explain five ways to mitigate depression whenever someone is depressed

* Motivate yourself:

Are you easily depressed or frustrated in life? Do you border more of trivial issues in your interaction with peers, family members and classmates? If you're easily depressed and frustrated in life, try to share motivational tips to yourself. You're the best motivational speaker that can succinctly address your issue - try as much as possible to apply encouraging words before any other person. While doing this, you will be impressed as we pursue future's activities on daily basis.

* Share your worries with close persons:

This life is full of mysteries, but we don't need to hide every issue of our life. Most times, you can meet friends in order to encourage you of a particular problem. A times when encouraging you, the person will also share similar experiences which can boost level of steadfastness. Do not hate. Someone that is depressed will be more affected if issues are still bordering - try to exhibit love.

* Do what is good for you:

Please, don't misconstrue the writer. The writer is not saying someone should opt for suicide - it's not a good option. The writer is urging anyone that's depressed to partake in any activities that can create humour and relief. As our countenances differ, so our desires. Whenever you're depressed, just engage yourself to what you love most. If it's music, listen to songs that can make you to activate sense of positive reasoning. For those that write, writing is also a method to mitigate the level of depression. This theory should not be applied in the negative sense. For example, for a depressed person to drink to stupor will always arouse such person to fall to the world of negativity.

* Try to control yourself:

Most of the people committing suicide are dearth of controllability. They easily accept the ill happening without reasoning beyond the circumstances. They think, opting for suicide will end all the odds. Person that can control he/herself must invariably and eventually attest to the escaping route.

For those that are wrongly accused should not allow anger to crumble them. Peradventure, the truth of the allegation will come to play. Instead of suicide, seek for justice, let justice prevail.

* Pray for God to intervene:

In anything we do, we should allow God to take preeminent control. Pray against any depressive lifestyle that is frustrating. As children of God, it is only God that can intervene in our ugly situations.

In conclusion, depression has caused a lot of havoc in the society. We humans that are facing such plight should adopt methods to mitigate high rate of its occurrences.


Let's say no to suicide in our society. It is not an option. If it is an option, those that are writing about how they escaped suicide can't be heard. We all know that life is full of ugly scenarios, but shouldn't opt to terminate.

By: Goto Emmanuel

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