What the law says about tattooing and skin-marking a child


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What the law says about tattooing and skin-marking a child


Drawing tattoos and making skin marks on children is one of the practices prevalent in many African societies. These practices are not done as a matter of fun. They have far-reaching cultural and spiritual implications. For some Africans, making marks on the skin is a mark of identity. However, the law, which is blind to the intricacies of customs and traditions, has a different view about tattooing and skin-marking a child.


According to Section 24 of the Child Rights Act, 2004, it is an offence for any person to make a tattoo or make a skin mark on a child. It is also the same if the person causes the tattoo or skin mark to be made on the child. A tattoo is a tattoo, whether big or small. A mark can be any form of mark, be it a tribal mark or any other form of mark.


Under Subsection 2 of Section 24, any person who marks a skin mark or tattoo on a child is guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding five thousand naira, or imprisonment for a term not exceeding one month, or both such fine and imprisonment.


The Child Rights Act, though a Federal Act, has been adopted by some states in Nigeria. Similar provisions are also found in other states’ child rights laws.


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