The Man Who Sailed West By Rachel Quigley


So, I decided to get opinions on the Character Ragnar, who sailed West in the popular Vikings series. Here is what Rachel Quigley said:

Provable lots of typos. Roll with it.

His eyes were filled with mischief, and age danced across his cheeks. A smirk lifted his dusty cheeks, and narrow, bearded chin. From the north, his darker complexion was unexpected, but so were his short locks. The heat of our country did him no favors, so he quickly shorn away the scraggly braids once adorning his crown. 

Far be it from me to speculate why he still wears such bulky furs and stiff leathers. Maybe some custom from his people prevents him from discarding such impractical clothing. Under his impish demeanor, when you ask him about home, his eyes, like a mid-day skyline, always sparkle. He misses his homeland, but he's loyal to us.

For the man who sailed West.

Rate her description. Feel free by dropping your comment.

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