NEW BOOK ALERTS: The multiple award-winning poet Dr. Ebi Yeibo is out again with another inimitable masterpiece—BROKEN TIDE.


NEW BOOK ALERTS: The multiple award-winning poet Dr. Ebi Yeibo is out again with another inimitable masterpiece—BROKEN TIDE.

What writers say about Yeibo’s inimitable poetry collection— Broken Tide.

Over the years, with his steady devotion to poetry. Ebi Yeibo's poetics has evolved as a creative phenomenon that compels us to hear the sounds of troubled humanity. Broken Tide continues the Yeiboan tradition of songs about present and future dangers in the Niger Delta, in Nigeria, and in the world. But, more importantly, the collection is a testimony that the poet has come of age – the mastery of metaphors, the ease of elliptical language, and the pyrotechnics of lyrical lines. I invite you to come encounter a vintage Yeibo herein.—

Professor Egya Sule, IBB University, Lapai, Niger State, Nigeria.

"In their vital and luminescent aspects, the poetry of Ebi Yeibo in this stunning collection continues to cleara swath for African poets of the 21st century. Yeibo's lines imbricate their essence with the prospects and predicament of the people, much as Osundare and Osofisan did at the height of their powers. And yet, Yeibo reminds us of the finest poetic sensibilities from the Niger Delta: J. P. Clark, Gabriel Okara and Harry Garuba -lords of language and song.”—

Tade Ipadeola, author of The Sahara Testaments. 

"Broken Tide is the voice of a master-craftsman whose message goes beyond the confines of his immediate environment to encompass Africa and the world. The collection is a kaleidoscope of images, memories, and presages that take in their stride the present, the past, and the future of the Niger Delta, Nigeria, Africa, and the world…the poems take a sardonic swipe at environmental issues (which is evident in the title of the collection), as well as political issues such as the minority/majority discourse, the politics of domination and exclusion, the politics of resource allocation and divide-and-rule tactics, underdevelopment of the Niger Delta, and the turgid corruption and leadership failure.— Dr. Friday Okon

Broken Tide re-define the concept of relationship between man to man, man to Mother Nature and man to God, Ebi Yeibo took us gradually beyond the creeks, beyond the country, into the past, present, future and the neglected memories. The technical brilliance of loss, fears, pains, failures, hope, and dreams are the self-revealing body of truth that can never be separated from the landscape in which they occur.— Umar Yogiza Jr. poet and book reviewer.

“Ebi Yeibo has written a sonically purposeful and impactful volume of poems.”—Uche Nduka, Adjunct Professor, Queen's College, City University of New York, USA.

One of the finest voices in Nigeria today, Ebi Yeibo has published (8) eight collections of poetry, He has won numerous literary awards, including the ANA poetry prize, ANA Maria Ajima prize for literary criticism and the Isaac Boro prize for Niger Delta literature. Educated at Abraka, Ibadan and Owerri, the poet holds a PhD in English Language and teaches at the Niger Delta University. Wilberforce Island, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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