See The Niger Delta People's Republic Declaration of Independence Signed By Late Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro


Prepared By Ebi Robert 

The name, Isaac Jasper Adaka Boro is a household name in the Niger Delta Region, particularly Bayelsa State. This is because “Boro” as he is fondly called, is the first person in Nigeria to start a separatist movement. That is to say that before the declaration of the Republic of Biafra, Boro had earlier declared the Niger Delta Peoples Republic.

The declaration of succession was done on the 23 February, 1966, which led to a battle against the Nigerian State that lasted for 12 days, also known as the 12 days Revolution. While many are quite familiar with this fact, only a few know what the instrument known as “The Niger Delta Peoples Republic Declaration of Independence” actually looks like. 

Below is the Declaration of Independence:



a.       The land and river limits of Elemebiri on the Niger, downstream, to Gbekebo and Forcados inclusive.

b.      The land and river limits from the River Nun downstream, to its Deltaic areas with Akassa, Brass, Degema, Abonnema, Bonny, and Okirika inclusive.

c.       The land and river limits stretching extensively up to Imbiama, Joinkrama, Okaki, Orashi river and the land limits of Buseni inclusive.

d.      The territorial waters of the Niger Delta Area extending into the Atlantic.




Following the declaration of Independence for the Niger Delta People a State of Emergency is hereby declared in the territory to give adequate protection to the Niger Delta People against aggressors.


a.       All former agreements as regards the crude oil of the people undertaken by the now defunct Nigerian Government in the territory have been declared invalid.

b.      All oil companies are hereby commanded in their own interests to stop explorations and renew agreements with the new Republic. Defiance of this order will result in dislocation of the Company’s Exploration and Forfeiture of their right of renewal of such agreements.

c.       Aliens: All Aliens are asked to report within 24 hours to the nearest D.V.S agent to ensure their protection. An Alien is one who is not by original birth, of the Niger Delta People Republic.

d.      Elementary and Secondary Grammar Schools: All schools are hereby closed until September to enable the new Republic advance a thorough and totally free Educational system for the people.

e.       All former District and County Councils, Courts and revenue collecting organs are hereby declared closed and the territory shall be tax free until fully industrialised.

f.       Law Enforcement: The Niger Delta Volunteer Service, hence forth and hitherto referred to as D.V.S shall be the law enforcing body and the standing armed force of the people. All citizens of our new republic are hereby asked to surrender all arms in their possession to the nearest D.V.S agent.


3.      Provisional Senate: There shall be a provisional senate consisting of 84 members, six from each of the 14 clans. The Provisional Senate shall advice the Liberation Government on a new constitution for the People. Adequate protection will be given to all members by the D.V.S.”



1.      No River or Creek Crafts are allowed to ply any of the Waterways of the Republic till further notice.

2.      All canoes should be cleared from the waterways as from 11a.m to until further notice.

3.      Dusk to dawn Curfew is hereby imposed on all towns until further notice.

4.      The Imbiama, Joinkarams, Okaki line, the NIGER/NUN Estuaries at Kanani and Gbekebo, Forcados, Akassa, Brass, Abonnema, Okirika and Patani are hereby declared Aggression Republican Centres (ARC). Please keep clear of D.V.S Operations.

5.      Any Crafts or Canoes defying D.V.S orders should bear full responsibility for their action as the D.V.S frogmen will torpedo any boat obstructing the survival of the Republic.

6.      Mutilation and/or Removal of Government Notices and Posters: Anyone found or suspected of removing or mutilation of Government Notices or posters is liable to a punishment of Death. 



Prepared by Ebi Robert (The Lord of Ink)

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