The three arguments that proves this is the worst time in history to become a Christian - by John Omoku.


Sunday mornings are probably the most serene when compared to other days, especially in my vicinity. From an almost empty street to subtle chimes and melancholic strings from churches afar off. For many, it is a day to be sober, reflect, rest and/or church while others may party, have some fun later, or whatever....

Sundays in Christian homes are treated as sacred days. Parents, children and people adorn themselves in beautiful raiments, jewelries and perfumes to look their best and smell their best while preparing to be lectured and fed with "the food of the spirit". It is the day of the lord they say!

My house was not different, even I. We'll look our best according to our pockets and put on a smiling face regardless that we had a long day ahead of us. The essence of highlighting this is to bring to your knowledge, the writer's stance.

Today and always, it is the goal of every Christian to lead a “lost sheep” back to their shepherd (Christ). An overview of the Bible paints the picture of a war between two kingdoms, a war that is time dependent. All Christian hands are seemingly on deck to draw as many as possible to the righteous side (God's side).

Technological advancement has helped push Christian messages and materials far more than ever. Unarguably the best time for Christianity and indeed any religion, if I am to generalize per religion.

On the flip side (sparing no word), I think that this is worst time in history to become a Christian. In a few sentences to come are my reasons and/or arguments why I think it is the worst time ever.

This piece represents the writer's viewpoint and is subject to criticisms. However, it must not be altered.


First Argument: Abundance of diverse Christian centres/views hides the truth even more.

I watched a movie some months ago, I think the title was “The Unholy” or just “Unholy”... Pardon me, I'm not so good with keeping names in my head. A statement was made while I was yet watching; it was by a certain priest in that movie. He said: "Where God builds a church, the devil builds a chapel nearby". Turns out it was a statement made by Dr. Martin Luther King. It translates to mean that the devil strives to corrupt God's works.

Presently, we have a lot of churches around us. In my street are at least five different churches. When I say different, I mean different in every way.

It's quite easy to give off a sigh and say: "You're over thinking this" or "No man! It's a sign that the lord' name is going everywhere". In reality, it is the opposite.

If you speak to a hundred persons and you tell them "My mom loves having dogs around her". Ask each person to tell you what you said a few minutes later, and you'll find out how distorted your message has become.

The synopsis is, the truth suffers even more. There are hundreds of thousands of churches, with hundreds and thousands of different mechanisms of operation. Today, there's a church for everyone like there are different brands of a particular drug.  If you prefer a church where you are expressly granted the liberty to dress anyhow you want (The "God-doesn't-look-at-your-dress" church), you'll find. If you want one that emphasizes on your dressing and teaches repentance radically (The "God-looks-at-your-dress-and-heart" church), you'll find. If you prefer a musically inclined and entertaining church, you'll find. If you're gay, there are some churches that'll accept you gladly. And so on.... Contradicting views everywhere, the question is: What is the true and correct one?

The truth remains a growing mystery despite the abundance of churches everywhere... People still hate, kill and do every evil in the name of God even. Everyone claims their church is better. Chances are: you're not in a church, but a club; you're a fan!


Second Argument: People aren't thinking anymore!

I have listened to and heard so many ridiculous statements and testimonies that have been swallowed head long by many unsuspecting individuals. You dare not challenge them and say to them "That's a lie".

Who has bewitched us?

Some people are not breastfeeding their children because of what they're told by their church leaders. Some people die after refusing blood transfusions. Some people don't drive cars even when they can afford it and would rather walk past a camel's mileage. Once upon a time, a certain sect of Christians was stopped from watching TVs. Some people can't take vaccines or even visit a hospital when they are sick.

Christians are living in fear. Christians are no longer thinking with their heads... Miracles still exist. However, there abound lying testimonies to draw people to God. Men would rather pray to God to help them secure a miracle job without even submitting their CVs anywhere.

I'm not doubting miracles. But give what belongs to Caesar to Caesar and God what is due him. I listened to a testimony of man who miraculously teleported from his toilet to another country without a Visa or a plane. The crowd believed it to the end. I also heard about a certain man of God who urinated into his empty car gas tank and prayed and his car worked!  These and many more false testimonies will only Worsen matters for someone who wants to be a Christian. A frying pan to fire situation.

Third Argument: You'll miss out on a lot and be mocked!

Being Christ's model here on earth entails living his kind of life and keeping his moral standards. Currently, people and things have gone from bad to worse. We are in a crowded-market situation. It is almost difficult to walk through such markets without staining your white robe. To keep the integrity of your robe, you require caution. Sadly, the road has become even narrower to follow.

Corruption has become progressively more malignant than before. No doubt that you are going to miss out on a lot of "easy" opportunities if you so choose to keep the integrity of your garment. You might get scorned and laughed at for taking certain decisions and leading a "righteous" lifestyle. This is a sacrifice you must be willing to make.



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