The Scars -- Eps 3: Separation By Preye Johnmark




Panting heavily, she ran as fast as her legs could go before it caught her. She had been running for hours in a thick jungle that was filled with mysterious creatures. She was right to think that it was a demon that chased her; Ese didn’t know where she was, or how she got to the jungle, all she knew was that she had to run until she found sanctuary from the monster that sought to devour her.


She ran through the dark narrow route that had trees on either sides of the path. Soon she saw light ahead and then two houses came into view, the monster’s growl could be heard only meters away. As she ran, she saw the first house, it was her house, her mother smiled and wore fine linen laced with jewelry, her father too was dressed in expensive attire, her brothers were also dressed properly, as though they all had a ceremony to attend. “Mama! Mama!!” she cried out as she advanced towards the house, her family frowned at her approach. “You are not welcomed here, you will make all our riches go away if you return, go back to your husband’s house!” they all said in unison to her, her knees went weak as they shut the door on her, she cried but continued running.


“So my family sold me off in the name of marriage to become wealthy?” She thought as she ran further. The second house came into view, the door opened and she saw the monster standing by the doorway with the face of the man that was her supposed husband. He leaped on her and pulled her forcefully. She screamed for help, but no one came, he was too strong for her to fight off, so he prevailed in pulling her into the house and shutting the door.


Smiling, the monster turned to her, she shuddered in fear and wished the earth would swallow her. “Welcome home my wife!”. Ese screamed as her eyes fluttered open, her chest rose and fell in rapid movements, her body was covered in beads of sweat. Her head whipped around, taking in her surroundings as her body shook vigorously. She was in her room, she heaved a sigh of relief, releasing a breath she didn’t know she held.


Her mother walked into her room with a worried look on her face. “Oh, my jewel, you are awake now, I thought something bad had happened to you, you suddenly fainted when your father introduced you to our in-laws.” Her mother said, the words she spoke stung Ese’s heart and she thought she’d get a heart attack. “So it wasn’t a dream?” Ese muttered to herself, looking at the cemented floor as tears trickled down her cheeks. Her mother walked towards her and tried to console her, she shifted back, away from her mother’s embrace. “Leave me!” Ese growled angrily, her mother was confused, she didn’t know what to do or say. Her father walked in with his walking stick, he had a dead chewing stick in his mouth and his reading glasses hung firmly on the bridge of his nose.

“Ese?” he called her, she didn’t reply nor throw him a glance, she was still in shock from all that happened. “Eseoghene!” he shouted, her mother flinched but she didn’t even stir a muscle. Her parents shared a look, “My dear child, speak to u— the look she gave her mother silenced her instantly. “You horrible souls! Yes, that is what you people are, what did I even do to deserve such cruelty from you both?” Ese asked, staring at them with bloodshot eyes. Her mother looked away in shame, her father only scowled in irritation.


“Will you shut up your mouth! What do you know? You are already a woman and going off to a man’s house is all that is left for you, going to school is a waste. After all, the kitchen is where you’ll end up. And also it is in our tradition!” her father said spitefully, she scoffed, “You close minded fool! This isn’t the old generation!” she retorted angrily, her mother gasped, “Ese?”. Her father was infuriated, “You dare open your filthy mouth to insult me? What do you know about our customs and traditions? You forget that I am your father, the head of this family, and my name is Oghenevwede. I will deal with you today!” he said and pounced on her, throwing slaps and blows from all directions to her face. Her mother pleaded, but it was all in vain, until he was satisfied and walked away.


He later walked in, “And your husband will be back in a week or so. You better behave yourself!” he said and stormed off. Her mother quietly followed him out. Ese cried, she felt like killing herself, all her dreams were just shattered right before her eyes, and she couldn’t do anything about it.


Few days had passed, the two friends hadn’t seen each other until one evening. They had gone to the stream to relax, to spend the last days together and get away from the cruel world. They couldn’t tell if this was a wicked coincidence or not, but they both wished it was a dream. “At least your case seems more acceptable, they will further your education, and you aren’t married to him yet, plus he is still young, so you might probably fall in love with him sooner.” Ese said, her eyes fixed to the sky. Ogho stared sorrowfully at her best friend. “The man that they have sold me to in the name of marriage is about to clock 36, Ogho 36! And I’m just going to be 15. I hate my parents for doing this to me. And if I die, my blood will be on their heads!” she added. Ogho cried, “Stop saying these things please!” they both hugged each other and wept bitterly.

The two friends were being separated.

This is only Fiction.

The Imaginator.

  -Preye Johnmark.

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