History: Tiye, The Beautiful Egyptian Queen Whose Hair Is Still Intact Over 3,000 Years Ago And Counting


*Death Thousands of Years ago, but her hair is intact


Tiye or Tiy an Egyptian queen and was born C. I400 BCE IPU, in Egypt but died C. 1340. She became the favoured wife of the great warrior, Amenhotep III the Ruler of Egypt. Tiye was the daughter of Yuya, the commander of the Egyptian charity and overseer of the cattle of the god min. Her mother, Thuya, was an Egyptian too.

Amenhotep III was a powerful King of the 18th dynasty, who gave her considerable prominence in state affairs and public ceremonies, having her name appeared with the King's on officials documents. Their reign lasted from 1390-53 BCE for nearly four decades. They ruled together over a time of peace and prosperity and their reign was marked one of the best in the ancient Egypt.

Tiye, at least according to a prominent school of thought holds that she was a great woman of fortitude and determination. Her reign brought triumphing triumphant in their lasted years of rulership. Even after the dead of her husband, she was a great sway in the states political affairs.


The skeleton of Tiye that has lived over 3,000 years ago was discovered in a tomb. It was found on discovery that her hair is still intact. Famous archeologist Zahi Hawas said that she was described as the owner of the best hair in the ancient pharaonic civilization, and she was constantly taking care of her hair. History recorded it that, she was a woman of beauty and fashion. Her hair was preserved and taking care of with animal fats. To counter baldness oil from crocodile, hippopotamus, goat, snakes, and even lions were used to care for their hair then. They also used hair oil with animal bloods in them, believing it could darken graying hair - they thought the dark pigment from blood will transfer hair when boiled with their oils. It's important to note that the hair is one of the parts that are not subjected to significant damage after death. Additionally, Tiye was obsessed with her hair; it was given more attention during the embalming process, which helped preserved it and keep it almost as it is.

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