Warehouse Ultimate Search: Do You Blame The Looters? By Ebi Robert

By Ebi Robert

After the #EndSarsProtest, the search for warehouses began. I was told that some persons who were involved in the process of storing the goods or supposed palliative, went ahead to leak the information that such a national cake, that is, the Covid-19 palliative belonging to everyone, was hoarded by some greedy folks. 

Somehow, they were able to locate the first, the second, the third, and so on. Many arguments started occupying the cyberspace -- defences and counter-arguements were perfected. There was the claim that the palliatives were not hoarded, but that some strategic steps needed be taken before distribution. Hah, even when Nigerians are out of the lockdown? Shey ney be everyone believe so? When is the best time to perfect the relief? Forget the rhetorics, let's just wait for the perfect time. 

This preceding excuse just did not go down well with some men's livers, so the right choice was to break and enter, do some burglaries, and cart away with some stomach-made valuables, if you know what I mean. Everyone is entitled to a silver knife at least, they thought. This was well justified by many Nigerians. They believe that the palliative belong to us all, and it was just sheer wickedness for the greedy leaders and a privileged few to hoard them in the warehouses. They believe that those involved had deliberately stored them in the warehouses, waiting for the mature time to open, repackage, rebrand, and then sell them to us. "Looting or no looting, it is justified", they say. As a result, there was this public announcement: "Any warehouse for your area?" "If you see, talk oo, everywhere go soft". 

To them, let the politicians feel what it is like to loot. Are they even complaining? They have no moral justification, do they? But then again, do you blame them for searching and looting? The so-called Warehouse Ultimate Search is a reflection of how poverty has dealt so hard with our people. It explains the injuries our politicians have inflicted on our people. They made our people so poor that they have become country-men beggars -- civilized and corporate ones at that. What we see is a tip of the iceberg. Shey someone even looted a toilet seat? Another man, took the whole of Jalingo on his shoulder. Una neva see somechin. It is so bad that even security operatives were involved directly and indirectly in the looting.

What do all of these tell us? Even the police, army, civil defence and every other security operatives are victims of the failed system. If the politicians had their way, they would have even joined the looting. Are they not also victims of their own misdeeds! Are you supprised that a police man filed out with the looters for a bag of rice? No na, maybe you forgot that he is first, a Nigerian, before he became a police man. When we speak about good governance we speak for the Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Civil Servants, etc. We speak for everyone. The security forces are not well equipped because the government and those in authority have failed to do the needful. They deliberately under-equipped the security forces so that they can always use them as their puppies at will. Many of them joined the forces because of lack of jobs, not necessarily because of passion for it. So we have hungry and angry Nigerians in the military. What do you expect from such men? A man who is less educated and faced with the frustration of being a Nigerian, joins a military filled with other hungry and angry Nigerians who are 50-years-old in the frustration business. You can imagine the orientation that he will receive? So you expect an average Nigerian military man to see a warehouse full of palliative and not loot? Again, do you blame him for joining the loot? For only a saint or a morally good man will overcome that temptation. Isn't it? 


Outright NO. I understand how bad the situation is, but that does not take out the fact that it was the wrong approach. 


To me, the search would have continued. Well, a search to expose the truth about the hoarded palliative if any. Youths should have searched for all places where the palliatives were hoarded, and engage the government to get answers as to why they are yet to be distributed. They should have mounted pressure on the governments of the states for immediate distribution. This could have worked well with the proper mechanisms put in place.

I know many will not agree with me. The argument on the other hand would be that the government cannot be trusted. I understand perfectly well, but that's one of the ways to go about it. I mean, what I suggested. The looting may cause harm to innocent Nigerians. I saw the video of a Nigerian who was crying bitterly because his warehouse was looted, being mistaken for a fine place of palliatives. 

Government should learn from the recent events and make amends. The recent cases of looting all over the country have proven that Government really needs to address the issue of the welfare of the people because sooner or later, the people will not just loot warehouses, they will come after them.

By Ebi Robert (Num de plume: The Lord of Ink)

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