Rugged Popsi (Naija Puem) By Ebi Robert

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Old Palee, I twale for yu
I wear Agbada for your matta
I wear am evun if na ova size.

For your matta, e don tay padi men dey ear am
Say, na yu position pharaoh and cure em craze

Popsi yu just tu much
I cut cap for yu sha
Unto the way yu take arrange Nubu
Because the bros bin tink say na Babylon levels
But yu make am understand say ney be Bobo juice
Say yu mean enitin yu say you go du

Choi, I trip for u pass...
For the way yu take arrange Goliath
The guy bin tink say na Gorilla things
But you make am know say ney be to tall like winch

Old Palee, I twale..
I troway salute and hala your name
Your rugedity dey show your identity

Popsi wey ney dey gym
But get big chest pass John Cena. .

Na this make Man-Devo dey beff you
Because em know say your matter ney be beans...!

Carry go iron Popsi,
As bad belle people dey fear yu pass Wiliwili..

By Ebi Robert


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