REVIEW OF THE MOVIE 'IGODO' (Episode 2 - The Lamentation) by Ebi Robert



Movie Name- IGODO

Director: Andy Amenechi , Don Pedro Obaseki

Major Cast: Pete Edochie, Nobert Young, Sam Dede, Charles Okafor, Obi Madubogwu, Chidi Mokeme, Prince James Uche, Ignis Ekwe, Joe Layode, etc.

Release Date: (Nigeria) 1999.

Settings: Nigeria

A continuation…..


Imu-Igodo suffers the pain of death. The son of Amadioha was killed by seven conspirators as was revealed in the last episode. But what led or what could be the cause of the many deaths? It wasn’t just that Ihekumele was killed; far from that: It was that in his dying he spoke, he lamented and his voice was heard by his father, the god of thunder. 

Ihekumele was led to the forest to be left at the mercy of the elements. But before the earth tasted his back, he asked to be allowed to speak, and the people who never knew his mind allowed him to speak: this was the beginning of their pain. 

“Let me say something…..

You kill an innocent man!
You kill an innocent man!!
But remember, when the father comes for the son, be prepared to answer
The blood you spill today, shall cry for vengeance and none will be LEFT OUT (mine)
You kill an innocent man
It shall be paid for
Ten generations…….
The sins of the father,
Shall be visited upon the children
Upon the Children
Upon the children!!!”

Upon the lamentation, it is glaring like the sun that an innocent man was killed. The lamentation shows that Ihekumele is fully aware that he is the son of Amadioha and he shall require of the people the innocent blood that was spilled. But not only will the fathers pay for their sins, Ihekumele says that ten generations of the children of the community shall pay for the sins of the fathers. Opps! It goes beyond the conspirators, it covers the whole community. What, the innocent ones to suffer for what they know nothing about? Oh! It doesn’t matter even if they regret the act of their fathers?

Igodo could tell former Umuoka of the cause of deaths, which means their hero, was alive at the time the story was told. So what generation could that be, and how many more generations would suffer? That I can’t say, but Ahmadioha is indeed a merciless god.

The lamentation shows the wickedness of men. It tells the story of the instability of our society; how few men who believe for no reason whatsoever that some men are not born to be loved. It speaks of jealousy, envy, conspiracy and men’s strive. While we may have our reserves about the manner of justice served by the god of thunder, the lamentation shows how a society could suffer from the errors of those before them.
The story of the people of Umouka is not different from the story of most African countries. Today Africa suffers from underdevelopment not necessarily because of effect of colonialism but because of the greed of the African leaders who do nothing other than suck dry the wealth of the people and this before us lead to the present problem facing the African societies; the sins of the father. 

Ahmadioha kill the first sons of the land in home and abroad. It is just like the biblical story of sorrow of Egypt. Ahmadioha is determined to wipe out the generations of the people who killed his son and so far the tree which houses the grave of Ahmadioha’s son lives, there will be more death. No sword made by man can bring down the giant tree save the sword of Ahmadioha. 

Thus, to get the sword, seven men chosen by the gods have to venture into the evil forest to get the sword of Ahmadioha.  

The lamentation is poetic, a self elegy, or should I say something close to it.  


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  1. Good job. I hope you continue. Igodo is by far the best thing Nollywood produced

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