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There had been a long lasting conflict between the family of the reptiles and the family of the Dogs. Lord Lion, the bruised beast had crowned himself above all Dogs and mammals, even above all families in the forest. There is now an inevitable war to be fought. The ancestors of both sides had built their fortresses on both sides of the valley; the dogs at the right wing and the reptiles to the left. 

Every quarter of the year, the family of the reptiles held a meeting to discuss on battle strategies to defeat the dragons called the dogs. It was like the battle of Gog and Magog, so great a mounting monster-race. It was a battle of supremacy. The serpent had been denied a place in the family of the reptiles, and that had been the reason why the serpent couldn’t sleep. A decade ago, the crocodile, King of the Reptiles had sent his messengers, the lizards, to deliver to the serpent, a message to the Lion. The message was: “War and Blood, NO”. The lion had earlier sent a message, through his messenger, Able Wolf. Crocodile was given options: “War and Blood, YES or NO”. 

Since the serpent was demoted from the family of the cattle by the creator himself, Crocodile believed Serpent can at least use his skills of racing to pass on the message to the dogs as fast as they want. Lizards stood before serpent’s house, but the serpent had only heard the lizards say: “War and Blood”; “War and Blood”, asked the serpent. 

Sure, the lizards who had never said: “NO” in their very lives answered with a thousand “YES”. The error was passed to the dogs. This is the war; the reptiles sought for peace but found war, and they believed for every soul of the creeping things that miss, the serpent is the sin. 

“He has no place here” shouted the King. “Take this cursed thing out of the faces of all creeping things. The cattle do not want him neither do we”.

In his rage, he moved down the valley slope to pin his teeth on serpent’s skin. He missed his steps. His leg clung a branch of the mango tree close to the valley’s earth and therefore needed a rope to be saved from a great fall. 

“Get me a rope to get down”, shouted the king. “Throw me to the king”, requested the serpent. The alligator who had been once helped by the snake knew it all. He threw the subtle beast to the King and the crocodile who thought he held a rope, used the serpent to step down the valley to safety. Not knowing what was, he spoke: From this day onward, I make that saviour of mine the second in command over all reptiles of equal class. Before the king knew it, it was too late; the Snake had found his place in the family of the reptiles. 


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