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My love shall make my lover a poetess
For she is in love with a poet and Sense
I speak in stanzas to praise her fars
She is the painter of the sun and then the stars

Eulogy and MISS; do not miss the cloud
There are much mushrooms wearing a cloud
Firmly rooted in the good green grass
Fairly for flowers climbing the brass

Steadily seated on crystal stones
Steadily fitted on clear and Jones
She is the lady in my dreams and my tones
Here is my poetess in my new bones

I wear her heart with gentle tease
I buy and bind her cries with fees
She is the red rose that is free
My faithful flower that is three

Give me Puffery! Give me this!
Give me lines that are Bris

She shines in the heavens and on the stars
Spark that special light close to the stars
On the earth below the water do flows
She dances a dance of age-band-lows

Eulogy! Give me one
Praises in praise, let it burn

Strolling this path guided by smiles
My queen, my heart, she surely must pass
She glows in white roses and roses blue
So does this nature, is that not new?

Puffery and puffery and more Ry
Reap and read this poet’s puffery

Fly with me, my giver of wings
She is my bird on feather I lean
Take me to the clouds, the sun and winds
Let me dream in air, the seas and in

Oh! Poet, give more puffery,
For eulogy is weak to praise my queen

She is my sight that he does sees
She is my eagle, my giant fin
She is my shadow and many means
Walking my side, thick and thin

Puffery Oh, puffery, Go on with this,
Go on with these, go on with these
Go on and puff her loving these
Give her these praises and my lease
I’ve seen a mighty wall of Love
I’ve seen Love, and many more Love
I seen a forest of pink things that talk
I’ve Barbados made bride to Rock

They creep and craap and die and di
My loving lively little breeze
My heart amended to yours do be
Is it not crystal to blend my ‘she’

Oh my poet, speak to me
Teach me the times and timely fee
Spray me these jewels and the gift
Journey my love in your own fleet

I see the mountain that wage my moon
Where the honey lies across the hills
I will take the moon to the mountains
And close this honey sunny soon

I leave behind a garden pack
Where the yellow web of bliss sank
Towing the waves of running rivulet
Where the ravine wills and ripples we get

Dear God has once again designed
The weak and branches that touch the ground
‘Tis the waters of reflect blue
That when it’s looked shall see just you

Eulogy but puffery, I love puffery,
For puffery I cleave, but give me the three

Shall we not fly and land in reeds?
Shall I not blink and you he reads?
Am I not he that goes with the flows?
And You I greet in golden glows?

And pouring free in our circled earth,
Running and roused that waiting wisp
I shall love dearly, to you, I bet
My lover, my queen to you I peep

There lives a cabin in a river woods
Where the rainbow does make her home
Sing the verses, all my dudes
A lovage-lullaby that grant elves home

Love her with all that love can give
A virgin smile and juvenile kiss
A youth drizzle and creamy creeks
A poet has done justice to this MISS

{A blessing I met, gave ten pictures, and with ten frames I did paint, for patient I guess has won the day, this blessing must why I wait] 
Am I not a crazy poet? Lol

                                                                                                         Ebi Robert

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