Image Source: Popular Science 

In the Moon’s sea of tranquility,
He alighted with Nembe 02
Epie 03 and two, he flew with you
In the winds of witchcraftcy

The first Ijaw man in the ministry of witches
Pitching and pinning his wings in the stars
Behold the Ijaw feather from a distance
From the home wide gallery and gabby pitches

With a robototically operated Ogbia 04
Exploring elements other than Oil boom
He rides on our darling home
Using craft of witchcraft-neither-nor

All the Ijaw men maintain their jurisdiction
Because they sail in ships in the air
Because they in air could seat in chair
Because the space is for no man’s personal action

Because all BecauseS are because
Black man must high-fly
Because Ijaws are not dry
Somehow he must break the curse

He longs to see a space station
To be controlled by a Nembe man
A Nembe Mayday to rescue a craft-man
An Ijaw’s call in an Ijaw’s mission

Out of Outer space his space is spaced
In wonder tourism he does his tour
Using craft of witchcraft-neither-nor
On celestial beam he tied his taste


[Who can give me an interpretation?]


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