Kidnap Suspect Blames Actor Zubby Michael As Source Of His Kidnapping Skills After Arraignment By The Nigerian Police

23yrs old Ayobamidele Kudus Ayodele,  narrated how he learnt his kidnapping skills from Nollywood superstar, zubby Michael after been paraded for abducting a six year old boy from his school at Ojo Alaba Area of Lagos.

According to reports, the suspect had kidnapped the young boy and kept him hostage in a bid to collect a ransom of N550,000.

Narrating his deeds, the Ayobamidele said;

 “Zubby Michael is my favorite Nollywood actor and he is good at k!dnapping roles. I decided to try out some of the methods used by Zubby to k!dnap children and adults in the movies. 

“I started by visiting several schools around Ojo to see the possibility of picking children without anyone noticing. On November 16, 2021, I visited a school close to Alaba Market and stayed by the gate.

“I saw two pupils coming to school. One of them was holding a cane. I stopped them and started chatting with them. I took the cane from one of them and asked where he bought it. He mentioned the place but I told him to take me there. I whispered into his ears that I would buy him chocolates and biscuits.

“To avoid drawing attention to myself, I took the boy to an hotel in Ilogbo Eremi, Lagos. I called his father and demanded for additional N2 million. We spent four days there before his family was able to raise N550,000. The boy stayed calm throughout because he had access to my phone which had several games.

“I am sorry for causing his family so much pa!n. I am not a cu!tist or an armed robber. I do not have a gang. I just trained myself by watching Zubby Michael. My parents trained me very well, I was just impatient and greedy”.


  1. This is one of the funniest story I have ever had in 2022


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